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China security industry trend to create, YLI Electronic open up a new prospect of intelligent security lock

Release Time:Jul 20, 2016

Security industry for many people, is a familiar and unfamiliar industry. In most people's cognition, security is often associated with monitoring and control system, fire alarm, etc. As a matter of fact, security is a very big system, security monitoring, fire anti-theft doors, Windows, security door locks are included in this respect. And with the recent accident frequency, the safety of the Chinese society consciousness began to improve, the improvement of the security industry has begun to have a certain, has gradually started from imitating foreign to normalization.

Development today, the domestic security industry has had the earth-shaking changes, from "made in China" to "created in China" gradually, have independent patent products, well-known international brands are everywhere, in the field of the best electric lock, YLI Electronic、HIKVISION  brands in succession to the overseas market, can say, today's security products is already become one of the important areas of our export.

Domestic security products increased, but the French safety consciousness is avoided at piaffe. There are a lot of people's perception of security still in the initial stage of equipment, and security products from abroad rose to the category of a service system. Throughout Europe and the United States developed countries, security and the Internet have begun to combine. We read on the Internet many events handled through the network system, it is the network security system of the role. Now also has domestic security companies like YLI Electronic lock start toward the Internet security industry development, combining research and development of independent patent products with the Internet, building intelligent security situation in our country.

Today, China's security industry already has a very good development, can say, in efforts to develop domestic security companies, domestic security and quality are approved by national patent products. Sales is not the only purpose of security, the security of the people in society consciousness also unceasingly to enhance. There is only a universal recognition, security business can do better more, the domestic security development requires not only the update progress of the enterprise, more need to improve the consciousness of national security, can effectively promote the development of security market in our country.