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Electric cabinet door lock development

Release Timeļ¼šMar 14, 2018

  With decades of development, more and more door lock products have evolved from the original handle type to a flat handle type. The appearance of the process is from the original single electroplated handle lock to today's matte plating. Nano-spraying and so on, from the original structure to the tongue lock structure, tightening the locking type, compression type, connecting rod type, etc. can all improve the protection level change and development, and increase the lock density and the resistance characteristics of the resistance door.

  Observing the development of locks in developed countries in the world, we still have the problem of lack of anti-theft lock cylinders and unsightly appearance. In the future, the development will require the development of components and cylinders for electrical cabinet door locks. Materials need to be developed in terms of environmental protection and economics, and waste and recycling as much as possible.

In addition to the above, the company also supplies cabinet hinges, freezer door locks and other products. Our company has the most practical technology, professional operation team, and builds services based on user experience. Perfect service to the United States is our never-ending pursuit. The development and progress of power communication has become the most advanced industry with the characteristics of the times. Sub-sector sub-industry switchgear locks have also been rapidly developed, from the single species to many varieties, many types of rapid expansion; there are flat locks, cylinder locks, handle locks and chains. In recent years, more electronic locks have entered the field of vision. Significant progress has also been made in surface treatment, including electroplating, spraying, electrophoresis and nanotechnology. The application greatly improves the quality of the lock. The current understanding of the switchgear door lock is that in the lock industry, the traditional anti-theft lock uses a combination of mechanical passwords. Even if the shape of the key is different, simply insert the key and insert the pin and hole into the lock. Can be successfully unlocked. The key can be copied is a great security risk. The second is to prevent the opening of technology and the ability of mechanical locks to prevent the opening of technology.

After decades of development, switch cabinet door locks have become more and more products. They have gradually changed from the original handle type to the flat handle type. The surface treatment has gradually expanded from the original single plating process to the current matte plating and spraying. Nano-spraying and other processes, from the original structure of the transfer lock to the lock type, compression type, connecting rod type, etc. can improve the protection level changes and development, improve the anti-corrosion properties of the door lock.

Looking at the development of locks in developed countries in the world, we still lack the security and appearance defects of the lock cylinders. In the future, development and development will need to be based on changes in the lock assembly and changes in the cylinder. Materials must be developed in an environmentally friendly and economical way. Resources should reduce waste and recycling.