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Electric lock let the home more secure and convenient

Release Timeļ¼šAug 15, 2016

Security is people in daily life that occupy the home seriously is a hot topic. If there is no guarantee that occupy the home of security will not only for family and property losses, are more likely to make the family member's personal safety is threatened. How to take various measures to improve the safety became the focus of many people.

Security researcher points out that in the current security situation that occupy the home, most people hope to rely on small area public security patrol, or the power of the public security authorities to secure them. In fact, the community can provide security guards and police forces are limited, rather than rely on the strength of the outside world, why not fundamentally improve the safety factor of the housing, allow his family to live more comfortable and at ease.

The first line of defense is the door that occupy the home security. Today, most families use locks still ordinary mechanical lock, and for the "head" of the thieves, open the door easily, can't really effectively ensure the safety of the home. Compared with the mechanical lock, electric lock has higher security, to avoid the happening of this kind of situation.

Electric lock to safer at home. Compared with mechanical lock, electric lock can often provide a better product quality and superior performance in order to ensure safety, improve the safety factor of the residence. To onlen jie brand seiler's latest electronic lock as an example, through 100000 times life test, can the password to open, can also charge open, before enter the correct password can enter any number at will, can also open the door, effectively prevent the password confidential. When the door lock is destroyed, door lock automatically ringing an alarm function, on the one hand can warning people house, timely report to the police, on the other hand also can effectively prevent the thieves to enter. When a family vacation, or not at home for a long time, also can be set to vacation mode, one-time prohibited or activate all user card and password card to open the door access, don't worry there are bad people use of passwords and user card into the empty house.

Electric lock make home more convenient. Mechanical lock only through mechanical keys to open the door, also can't provide other functions to make safety experience more convenient, electric lock in contrast. Seiler's latest electronic lock wisdom touch technology, new light fondle awakening, high-end fashion, also can swipe to open the door, don't have to worry about because can't find the key to enter their doors. This electronic lock and a very interesting features, residents can be set at a specific time period to allow individual users with user card/password to enter, other time is unable to enter, in a more humanized access management, optimization of security experience, have a nanny for home users is very practical. In addition, this electronic lock set is also very convenient, full voice prompt to guide operation, more considerate offer three file volume, more simple and convenient operation, and can be easily completed set.

Finally, security, a researcher at tip: now many families did not lock status into enough attention to home, often in a theft after regret not to install a can protect the safety of high quality door lock. Nip in the bud, why not just for myself from now on home to install the reliable quality, superior performance of electric lock, for safety more add a layer of protection on!