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Electric vehicle anti-theft electronic locks or tap the lock out

Release Time:May 12, 2016

For Mr Yu Zhu, took three years of "little Mule" (electric vehicles) have become an integral part of his daily life, whether it's usually work, and weekends taking the children out to play, "is not worth money, no it is not. ”

Some people stared at him "little Mule". "I went down that morning and found her car missing, parking places and a bad broken locks left. "Zhu Xiansheng is both angry and sad.

Reporters learned from the youngor stations from December 21 to April 20 last year, in just 4 months, area received electric cars, batteries, theft alarm, 293, electric vehicles were stolen, 218, 75 batteries were stolen, the average daily high rate of 2.4.