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Electromagnetic lock definition

Release Timeļ¼šDec 22, 2017

  What is the definition of electromagnetic locks, electromagnetic locks What is the definition: Magnetic locks, also known as magnetic locks, the design of electromagnetic induction principle to open the door. The current electromagnetic lock without complex mechanical structure, it is suitable for safety doors, such as security doors, fire doors.

Electromagnetic lock function classification: At present, the electromagnetic lock is not only in the field of fire doors, but also in outdoor installations such as power equipment. Indoor Electromagnetic Lock, Electromagnetic Lock, DSW Outdoor Electromagnetic Lock, DSN (W) 3 - J Earth Electromagnetic Lock The electromagnetic locks can be classified according to different functions.

Electromagnetic lock principle Electromagnetic lock principle: Electromagnetic lock is the principle of the use of electromagnetic principle, and now when the electromagnetic lock through the ferrosilicon has an amazing infection effect. I will lock the suction door. Door Lock When the access control system is closed, the solenoid door loses its appeal and opens the door.

At present, the attraction of the electromagnetic lock is in points and the test method is static pressure. Power on time than the open electromagnetic lock to attract the attractiveness of the magnetic attraction of the magnet electromagnetic lock, static pressure gradually increased, the value of the electromagnetic lock tension value.

As the electromagnetic lock does not have a complex mechanical structure or bolt structure, suitable for escape door, fire door access control. It is full of epoxy to protect the body. Currently, LB (pounds) of the electromagnetic lock suction, the test method is static pressure. Static pressure, electromagnetic lock When the torque exceeds the open electromagnetic lock suction iron suction, which is the pull-in data value of the electromagnetic lock, and gradually energized to attract iron adsorption. And because the electromagnetic lock and iron suction need to face the linear pressure, so the electromagnetic lock suction is the largest. Long-term electromagnets are magnetized temporarily due to the magnetic induction, so iron is adsorbed. 3. Note: Do not relay the iron plate and lock the body hole, instead of replacing the following iron fixing screws, do not wipe with a cleaning agent to stimulate the electromagnetic lock, do not change the circuit. Maintenance: Compared with other maintenance and magnetic locks, as long as the iron plate and the lock body or a small amount of the retaining surface with a non-etching cleaner to wipe the surface, so that can be periodically free of impurities.