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Hotel lock, hotel lock, electronic door lock features teaches you how to choose an electronic lock

Release Time´╝ÜMay 12, 2016

1. fashion shapes from the handwritings of celebrities at home and abroad, always attractive; enhanced five-bolt lock structure, with anti-theft insurance tongue and Interior locking function; panels of a new alloy die casting, surface treatment using space technology-nano technology (PVD), with strong adhesion, difficult to fading, oxidation and other advantages.

2. high reliability: with high performance motor lock, and stable performance. Computer motherboard design of anti-jamming design and powerful error-correction performance, ensure a stable circuit work correctly, even if the/touch the card the card is kept in rapid succession (including illegal cards or business cards, etc), door still functioning, circuit damage does not occur or information processing disorders. Card door lock circuit in the factory have been clean room was added to dust-proof, moisture-proof technology, solves the circuit boards inside electronic components due to changes in temperature and oxidation, corrosion problems, which will make the door withstand a variety of harsh conditions of test, no matter when and where you are able to demonstrate superior performance.