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Intelligent locks into the home eco-system the great wisdom behind big industry

Release Time´╝ÜMay 12, 2016

With the mobile Internet, smart phones and other technology, product popularity, lock in the wave of intelligence came into being. So how do you define smart door locks? The problem at the moment, there is no accurate, the only answer. DUN think tank industry Institute report finds that intelligent locks currently belongs to a new, and did not form a unified product and industry standards. In addition, the lock into the smart home ecosystems, but also the future industry trends.

But so far, compared to traditional door locks and electronic locks, lock some features have appeared gradually. London think tank says that lock in relatively diverse variety, beautifully designed product appearance, unlike the electronic lock 8/16 algorithms encryption based security encryption level, intelligent anti-theft lock door locks are mostly B/C level +32/128 level algorithm for encryption. In addition, the intelligent door lock in the authentication access to smartphones, mechanical key, key, custom key chain, and so on.