Next-generation intelligent door lock and traditional differences of intelligent electronic lock

- May 12, 2016 -

For nearly two years as the mobile Internet, cloud technologies, development and application of advanced manufacturing technology, and smart lock technology has undergone tremendous changes, a new generation of intelligent lock both in appearance, structure, methods, product features, the use of revolutionary changes have taken place. So to speak, a new generation of intelligent lock with conventional lock just like the difference between smart phones the difference with the original keyboard cell phone. Walnut smart lock as the representative of the new generation of smart lock with the traditional characteristic of a biometric fingerprint lock lock lock, password lock, Iris and face what's the difference? It is also many who do not understand the problem. Now on this issue from the following aspects to compare their differences: 1, technical difference, 2 differences, unlock mode and operation mode; 3, differences in management style, 4, 5, connectivity, safe mode difference difference.