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Pay attention to the installation of access controller

Release Timeļ¼šDec 08, 2017

  First, make sure you have two or separate web-based installations. In addition to the more complex location of the powerline network, to understand the structure of the access controller lock, reader, any classification mode, card reader, installation location refers to the central location of the management and control panel, are you in place?

Improper keyhole opening position or glass doors, glass doors such as doors and glass without frame frames, although there are some types of door locks of any kind that are based on but do not pay attention to the time it takes for a section to open. Glass doors are, in general, carrying electric locks that have been equipped with frame glass doors and keyholes because they are usually placed on the top of the door frame facing open the door. Since it uses a glass door clamp in the case of a glass door without a frame, we have biased it inside to secure the keyhole. Wooden doors, in the case of insufficient thickness to install the electronic lock, it is necessary to install the electromagnetic lock, bracket, and then choose whether to place it anywhere. For example, if there are some problems that may occur, the decorative material is fitted in a well-deserved place where you can open the hole to meet the needs of the problem. Something that has already taken place with the marble material is open, except for the aperture of the problem.

Access control, usually card reader, controller, door lock, the installation includes the button installation. Introducing Installation For more information, please visit the Control Card, which directly affects the installation location of the access control of construction difficulty, let's talk about the installation location of the access control.

1, It is like concrete walls and stone walls that can prevent the pipes from coming out of the line or marble.

2, It is iron and stainless steel door, to avoid the installation of metal, if you want to control the access, you can cut the access control of the metal installation location. Card reader, plastic seat cushion, can be used to avoid interference.

3, in order to ensure the growth and improve the dissemination of effects and equipment, you need to pay attention to the controller installation location. It is possible to use a TCP / IP communication network, a controller, which facilitates wiring of the PC, which is more easily maintained for all temperature-controlled ambient chambers or for multiple complete central weak wells. If the distance is too far, you can connect the controller near the network. Eight cores (in three supply cores, if you can not access the acousto-optic feedback legal reader LED, advertising) Ad controller recommended multi-stranded shielded twisted pair leader, data cable Data1Data0 stranded together. The proposed wire has a diameter of 0.3 mm 2 or more. The longest time can not exceed 100 meters. Please shield the controller connected to GND. To connect buttons, line controllers, it is recommended to use two or more cores with a diameter of 0.5 mm2. The diameter of the second core network cable controller that can be used is that it is 0.5 mm 2 or more.

Electronic lock access controller, it is recommended to use a diameter of more than 1.0 square mm 2-wire power cord. Taking into account a number of thick lines or with 50 meters to the rotor power parallel to increase the output voltage to about 14 V. The longest hundred meters more than this. And do not need to know the status of the door and the query is online, if the switch is not off without warning and intrusion alarm, give the controller, the line of self, there are 0.3mm2 core diameter not door line, two please choose.

When you install the access controller, please note the following points.

1, anti-electromagnetic interference

In the case of a card reader, in order to prevent electromagnetic interference, we need a special optical switch, with special attention to open the door to avoid the electric typewriter or computer or other interference problems. Permitted conditions, you need to be installed from a power source to a remote location 30cm above.

2, in order to prevent the attenuation of the transmitted signal

Considering the distance between the controller and the card reader, install the controller. The ideal transmission distance is less than 100 microns. When pipeline structures are used in signal transmission cables and cable shields, there is no need to consider and transmit channels over long distances, and it is evidenced by the attenuation of the wire and cable tray that reliable grounding is possible.