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Smart lock development

Release Timeļ¼šNov 30, 2017

  Locks complicate traditional mechanical locks, user authentication, security, smarter management of locks and more, locking down security, convenience and advanced technology. Smart locks are components that are implemented in the door lock system.

Smart Lock Scanning Scanning from the top to the top of the top of the scanner can be done in the scanning method without fingers It is very easy to reduce the fingerprints from the previous "next scan first" mode Significantly different scanning fingerprints The residue you can greatly reduce and copy.

Second, the advantages and features


Universal mechanical lock A different kind of smart lock, electronic sensor with automatic locking device, automatic door closed, the system automatically locks. Smart lock can open the fingerprint, touch screen, card lock.

Use the elderly and children, especially if you are using password / fingerprint registration and inconvenience features, you can turn off the smart and unique voice separate lock 2. General fingerprint lock tips to make the user easier to understand the operation display.

(B) safety

1. General fingerprint password may lead to password leakage. Just as the recent phantom) or password has been registered feature of the technology (before the smart lock password, which includes a password for the same seat during which you can enter a number to unlock the door lock registration password effectively prevent leakage.

2. Normal Cells The normal door handle opens in a way that does not guarantee sufficient safety in a safe environment, drills easier to open the door from the outside, and then closes the handle at the wire hole. Many smart locks require a room to set up than to increase the knob on the handle, press the button to set the security door to open and bring a safe, patented, technical support handle.

3. The latest smart lock automatically displays the palm touch screen and automatically lock for 3 minutes. If the password is set, the door is open, which shows a low voltage, such as the warning of the tongue closure, the state of the screen, intelligent smart control, the registration password or the number of door cards and battery replacement indicators.

(C) Safety

The most recent information scan that puts your finger from the top to the bottom of the scan can be done in the scanning method without finger, mode, and scan, significantly reducing the likelihood of fingerprinting, the previous "first scan on next scan" finger print The other locks you can greatly reduce and copy.

(D) Creative

The traditional mechanical lock people have no special concern about the appearance. Not only does the design match people's tastes, it makes the iPad feel like an intelligent smart lock. Smart locks are quietly listed.

(E) interaction

The embedded processor and built-in intelligent door lock intelligent monitoring system interoperability time communication skills, tenants, tourists can take the initiative to report the case of television that day. On the other hand, visitors can remotely control the smart lock to open the door for visitors.

Third, technical principles

On the contrary, art, the traditional mechanical lock electronic anti-theft lock, this lock is technically on the development of the poor performance of the burglar alarm, the shortcomings of poor mass integrated circuit technology, overcoming the performance of mechanical In addition to the function of the lock password, the emergence of a microcomputer, in particular, with the electronic password lock, password lock, so micro-introduction smart lock system for intelligent management expert analysis and other functions are widely used in higher and higher security And reliability.

Of course, you can lock out active alarms on every column of technology, innovations and increasingly sophisticated, smart-lock fingerprints, which is essentially a product of human aggression ahead of the rich feature set that you can turn on, hot swipe open the password to remote control , No terminal functions, more secure. However, the performance of a smart lock itself is sometimes unstable.

As technology advances more locks and emerging doors should be marked as locks, face recognition locks and more.