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Use access control electric lock, need to pay attention to these problems

Release Time:Aug 16, 2016

Although many people still use mechanical lock, however, access control system for the public has become a ubiquitous presence, is the main function of access control system can achieve the purpose of open closed by electricity mortise lock, on and off by current drive "lock tongue" the function of the extended or retracted to lock the door or open the door. Of course, the realization of the function of closed to open the door to cooperate with the "disk" to achieve. Its electric mortise lock alarm alarm interface connections, as well as relay alarm output, make its implement a simple alarm function.

In general, general electric bolt lock is mainly divided into two kinds: electricity power lock and unlock, the former state when power is to open the door when the state, the latter in turn. However, in the security industry, fire electricity mortise lock generally require power to open the door, in the event of fire, power circuit, the door can be automatically opened. So the general security companies in the research and development products will launch two switch mode, in order to adapt to the different needs of users.

As an intelligent building access control system and the electric lock products form a complete set of intercom, electric plug locks in use process must be closely cooperate with access control and intercom system performance characteristics, requirements, to use, can play its role effectively, the most influential one of the top ten brand in China security meaning Lin electric lock launched by the electric plug lock as an example, although its installation and use is very simple and easy, however, when users in the use or need to pay attention to several questions.

Connection mode

In general, YLI Electric production electric lock, in addition to the power line interface and some other wires, which should be of particular concern is the lock state line and line of the door status, locked state attachment can provide the closing of the information, and digital input interface of access control system linkage, can view real-time lock closed. State attachment good replaced shall be separately installed door magnetic problem, reduces the installation costs, increasing the service efficiency of the system, and better ensure the building decoration is beautiful.

Power supply

In order to meet the needs of different occasions, many users YLI Electric lock has developed a large number of different types of electric lock products, the current voltage in general, however, the number of electric lock each entrance guard controller management will be more, in the process of using electric lock in frequent opening and closing, could lead to a current voltage instability, if directly by the controller of power supply, the current voltage fluctuation may cause the damage of the controller, considering the demand of value from the device or security level, can cause bigger loss. So meaning Lin electric lock advice, the best configuration independent electric lock, and whatever control mode of access control and intercom system, electric lock for opening and closing the relay control recommended isolation method, maximum guarantee electric lock and control between the host current current completely cut off.

Opening and closing time delay setting

Lots of the electric lock with special delay setting jumpers or dial code device, you can set the delay time of electric lock, but most of the access control  and intercom has delay setting function, so when installing electric lock also best considering the time delay is set, allows users to use more easy.