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What is the difference between magnetic lock and electric bolt function?

Release Timeļ¼šJul 20, 2016

Electric  bolt is a kind of electronic control lock, mortise lock on and off by current drive "lock tongue" the function of the extended or retracted to lock the door or open the door. Usually electricity mortise lock is composed of two main parts: the lock body and lock. Key in the lock body parts for "the lock tongue", cooperate with the "lock" can be realized to achieve "shutdown" and "open" status. The lock tongue insertion hole is closed, the lock tongue leave the lock for the door. Because of the lock tongue scalable functions, only is headed to the name of the "electric mortise lock". It was also because of this characteristic, electric bolt lock is often used to all kinds of flat open (two-way open). At the same time, the "hidden" installation is more suitable for the characteristics of the lock body places high confidentiality requirements. 

Magnetic lock mechanism and the electromagnet, is to use the electrical magnetic, and then the principle of heteropolar attraction, when an electric current passes through the silicon steel sheet, tightly absorb electromagnetic lock will produce a powerful suction adsorption iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door when you leave. As long as the small current electromagnetic lock can produce a great deal of magnetic, electromagnetic lock power of entrance guard control system identification personnel right after blackouts, electromagnetic lock lose suction can open the door. Because the electromagnetic lock is not complicated mechanical structure and the structure of the lock tongue, applicable in doors or fire door access control.