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Access Control Keyboard Works

Release Time´╝ÜOct 26, 2017

  Access control keyboard system is the access control system is the import and export management system subsystem, the general use of credit cards and human biometric technology, access and access management by the management software control, access to users can freely access. As access control systems can quickly identify people, they are able to quickly access the garage while moving to movies, office buildings and large multinational corporate offices for more than a decade. Before using the desktop, you can use this computer to verify your identity. The installation of the access control system usually requires that you verify your identity almost anywhere.

Access control keyboard system works as follows:

If the cardholder tries to enter the door, use the card on the card reader card to open the door and enter the password on the access control keypad. You can use a fingerprint reader, a door reader, or a retina reader.

When the card information of the card holder is sent to the vicinity of the door controller of the identification book through the computer of the control section, the card holder opens the clip. It is ensured that the control signal sent to the door lock can be entered. When the cardholder enters the door, the door closes automatically. Whenever the door or electric lock is open, the electric lock is equipped with an induction device. If the door is too long, close the door to inform the controller, otherwise the controller or bell will sound and immediately notify the door. At the same time, the cardholder's information is transferred to the space of the access control computer. After the computer receives the message, the information is stored on the screen, and the information is sent to the software. If the cardholder's information is not registered, the controller downloads the card information only to the management software, does not open the card, downloads it to the controller memory, and opens the door when the controller opens the card. When the access control system is off, the system will automatically lock the open electronic lock and allow free access. So in the case of fire can not escape.

Access control keyboard system and industrial control system, a variety of principles of building automation system can be divided into three tasks, operational detection, management and implementation, but relatively small, relatively simple. After the sensor accepts the command or uploads or uploads the signal, a card reader, a password disc, various biometric, output buttons and lock status sensors can be executed. The controller and management software are responsible for the management of the access control system. After receiving the information from the sensor, the controller and management software according to time, card number and other information to determine whether the door is open. When the door is open, the door is transferred to the electric lock.