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Access Control Optional Skills

Release Timeļ¼šJan 10, 2018

   Access control system as an important part of residential security, the core part of the controller quality and performance, will directly affect the overall stability of access control, security, so in the purchase of access controller, you should fully understand its application needs, followed by Master the purchase points, and pay attention to the common errors of access control.

Access control system in the enterprise's safety management plays an increasingly important role in the traditional mechanical lock management has been unable to adapt to the safety management of modern enterprises, their needs are as follows:

Improve security: the designated area of grading, access control at different times, restrictions related to free access to key areas, according to staff positions and work nature to determine the level of access and allow passage of time, the management of some important areas such as banks Vault, subway control room set a variety of ways in and out to meet the better security requirements in the region to prevent theft and theft.

Improve management efficiency: Through the Central Management Center in real time to understand and set the status of each access point, reducing personnel patrol costs. System can record events in real time, to facilitate the production of a variety of personnel management reports such as attendance, scheduling and so on.

Can be integrated with other systems: with fire, alarm and other systems integration of a unified security platform to achieve early warning of accidents, to prevent all kinds of dangers. When a disaster enters a fire, the system automatically opens the door to the control area to facilitate escape. Combined with monitoring system, access control system can automatically switch the shooting screen linkage, the need to monitor the part to monitor and video.

Nine access control options to buy

Proposed one: buy anti-crashes and self-test circuit design access controller

If the access controller crashes, will make the user can not open the door or closed the door, to bring great inconvenience to customers, but also increased the maintenance and maintenance costs of the contractor, access controller must be installed reset chip or optional CPU with reset function, generally 51 series CPU does not have the reset function, need to install reset chip. At the same time, must have a self-test function, if the circuit crashes due to interference or abnormal conditions, the system can self-test and self-starting in an instant.

Suggest two: have three lightning protection circuit design access controller

Access control controller because the communication lines are distributed, susceptible to the impact of the invasion of lightning, so access control must be lightning protection design. We recommend using three lightning protection design, the first through the discharge tube will be lightning generated by the release of high current and high voltage, through the inductance and resistance of the circuit into the circuit current and voltage clamp. The residual current and voltage are then discharged at high speed by the TVS high speed discharge tube before it damages the circuit. Thunder and lightning indicators require 4000V lightning for 50 consecutive times without damage to the equipment. High lightning protection indicators, equipment surge, anti-static ability will be high accordingly. Some products to promote their own 1500V lightning protection capability, in fact, this indicator is all the chips have their own, simply do not have the ability to prevent lightning and surges.

Proposal 3: Registered card authority storage capacity to large, off-record storage capacity should also be large enough, the memory chips need to use non-volatile memory chips

Recommended registration card permissions need to reach 20000, off-line storage records reached 100000 the best, so you can meet the vast majority of customers on the storage capacity requirements for easy attendance statistics. Must use Flash and other non-volatile memory chips, power-down or impact information will not be lost. If you use the RAM battery mode, if the battery is dead or loose, or subject to current impact information may be lost. Access control system may malfunction.

Recommendation 4: The application should be simple and practical, easy to operate

If the application of control procedures, will undoubtedly increase engineering costs to customers training and time, the customer is not easy to grasp the operation of the software will vent their anger on the service provider's attitude will have a bad impact on the collection and renewal. Customers do not understand the software also easily lead to misuse, resulting in practical inconvenient. Therefore, we suggest that engineers should pay attention to whether the operation of the software is simple, intuitive and convenient when using the access controller. Unilateral emphasis on powerful is not suitable for promotion.