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Access Control Power Supply

Release Timeļ¼šAug 23, 2017

  With the population management, especially the process of innovation in the management of floating population, video access control power project will be in the country to establish a comprehensive video access control play an irreplaceable role in the market has been in the security industry, the new formation. Whether the current access control system supplier or video provider supports the broadcaster, power supply, etc., to meet the market demand, is the supplier to meet the specific requirements of the video access control market to optimize their products whether to decide whether the market competition Competitiveness.

Second, the importance of access control

Power is the protection of the entire video access control system is undoubtedly the basis of the power supply choice of stable operation, you can directly decide whether to earn from the project as much as possible to implement the project above you can also reflect the project itself to control the quality of the project ability.

Unfortunately, in the macro-market overall video access control study, the authors found that more than 90% of the system failure is due to lack of power supply, part of the failure of the project affected the smooth progress.

Third, the video access control system and the choice of power supply

1. Measure the actual output power of the power supply

The video access control alarm system requires a lot of power to ensure proper operation of the equipment, and the power supply must provide sufficient power for the equipment. When purchasing electricity, pay special attention to the power rating and take into account the actual parameters of the actual field test. In practice, low-cost access control power is usually unable to achieve its rated value, so the video access control system has a serious impact on the normal operation. It is recommended to choose the appropriate technical parameters, qualified, reliable quality, good reputation, video access control system power supply manufacturers choose power. At present, for some video access control manufacturers, power and controllers and other power supply are generally taken into account the practical application of these companies, the quality of the entire system is Maisi video access brand has a dedicated power supply.

(Such as a sense resistor), a multimeter for measuring the actual output voltage and current of the power supply, and a nominal value (such as a cement resistor) compared to the power output power of the load. Is the output voltage after load stable? Column normal? Install the best conditions for the test run.

2. Effective lightning protection

As the video access control power system of the particularity of the installation environment is not good (farmhouse, rental housing, the old city, town). Outdoor lines are intertwined, the mine is easy, and the power lines are inevitably appearing outdoors. Lightning power supply must have very strong protection measures.