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Access Control System Installation

Release Timeļ¼šMar 12, 2018

  The access controller is a new type of modern safety management system. It integrates automatic identification technology of microcomputers and modern safety management measures. It involves many new technologies such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, and biotechnology. It is an effective measure to solve the security management of the entrances and exits of important departments. Applicable to all kinds of confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, computer rooms, armory, confidential rooms, offices, intelligent community, factories and so on.

System Architecture

(A) access controller

The core part of the access control system is equivalent to the computer's CPU. It is responsible for the processing and storage of input and output information and control of the entire system.

(b) Reader (identifier)

The device that reads the data in the card.

(c) Electronically controlled locks

In the access control system, the user should select different locks according to the requirements of the door materials and exit requirements.

(d) Cards

Open the door to play the key. Cardholder's personal photos can be printed on the card, opening cards and badges are combined.

(v) Other equipment

Exit button: Click to open the door of the device, suitable for the case of no restrictions on the exit.

Magnetic sensor: used to detect the safety/switch status of the door.

Power supply: The power supply equipment of the entire system is divided into two types: ordinary and standby.

Broken glass button: generally connected in series inside the electric lock circuit to prevent the reader in the access control system, the exit button or controller hardware failure causing the inside personnel to open the door and be locked in the house. Press the broken glass button at this time and the door will be opened.

Recognition category

(a) password identification

Incoming and outgoing permissions are identified by verifying that the entered password is correct.

These products are divided into two categories: one is common type, one is out of order keyboard type

(b) Card Identification

Identification of access rights by reading or reading cards plus passwords

According to the card type is divided into two categories: one is a magnetic card, one is a radio frequency card

(c) Portrait Recognition

Incoming and outgoing are identified by examining the biometrics of personnel. Fingerprint type, iris type, face recognition type.