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Access Controller Keyboard System Solution

Release Timeļ¼šJul 19, 2017

Access controller keyboard is a CPU processor as the core of the controller, information collection and electronic control lock and other components of the control network system, through the system information read. Processing, to achieve a variety of door lock switch automatic control. According to the information read the way can be divided into: card, induction, image recognition, eye iris recognition and so on. Their scientific and technological content and system cost order in turn increased.
The system is working as follows: After the authorized Ic card is close to the reader, the information is sent to the controller, and the CPU of the controller will compare the data from the reader with the data in the memory. Three possible outcomes. First, the incoming data is generated by an authorized card, the time of the card is allowed to open the door of the time, these two conditions at the same time to meet the instructions to the control lock, electronic lock to open, while generating sound or light tips. Second, when the incoming data is generated by the unauthorized card, or non-open door period, do not send instructions to the electronic control, the card is invalid, the door can not open. If someone's proximity card is lost, the acquirer can not enter the non-working hours illegally. Third, when the security personnel to read the card, the system program for a record, but the electric control lock is not action, in the tour management terminal display, easy to attend the attendant at any time to grasp the situation of patrol officers. If you need to come out from the room, press the door open button switch, the controller received the information after the electronic lock to issue instructions, electronic lock to open. The door closers automatically assist the doors off.
The function setting of the access control system is done on the PC workstation in the form of a desktop. These functions include the door opening time setting, the induction card authorization, the corresponding setting of the card number and the controlled door, the attendance statistics report, the patrol card number setting. By modifying the program, to achieve access control systems and other systems linkage. The network administrator has the right to open any door on the workstation.
Chengdu City People's Procuratorate intelligent building in the access control system, the general office selection of induction card reader, special purpose room, select the card plus fingerprint identification type card reader, especially important room is double at the same time read the card, read the fingerprint to open the door The The first door of the building uses an image recognition system and a card reader to form a recognition system. The image data of the staff of the hospital are all stored in the database. When approaching the gate, the camera automatically captures the image and sends it to the computer. The CPU compares the incoming image with the data of the database and makes three possible instructions. First, the visitors are the people in the database, to enter, direct the door to open the door; second, the visitor is not a database of people, issued a directive to remind the duty room to receive a card reader; third, come In the database, the prohibition of entry, issued a directive to prohibit entry.
Access control keyboard as a system product, is developed in recent years, is a new thing. We are talking about the program options that are included in the access control system products in the program, not as a separate software to choose. Early development of access control products, developers for technical confidentiality, not to be stolen by other businesses, to take a blockade measures. With the development of network technology, access control products more and more, there is no technical security issues. If the product software is not an open platform, the original function of the system can not be modified, or even after the initialization of users and engineers can not change, only high-level product suppliers to change, and to pay high service fees, then like Such products should not be used. Whether it is as a user, or engineering, should choose a function can be modified, just as easy as filling the form, such a system have a longer vitality. Like South Korea's ID-Teck is an open program platform, the user's network administrator can easily modify the function to meet their own needs.
In addition, we must consider whether the problem of integration to the upper. If the overall planning is a three-level system integration, it must be required to access the system to the upper network communication interface conditions, or should have an open program interface, to the secondary development. Integrators through the modification process to the upper network integration, to achieve centralized management and control and other systems to communicate with each other to produce the purpose of linkage. If it is a closed program, then the system can only be an independent network access control, and can not be used to form a large system integration access control subsystem.