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Access Controller Keypad Price

Release Timeļ¼šJul 04, 2017

Access control keyboard access control system, as soon as possible to identify the identity of the individual, then immediately enter the office building in more than a decade from the shadow, as well as large multinational offices, in addition to the garage, before you can use it to protect your desktop computer in the subway And the door of the house, you can use the user to verify the identity. We have established in many places, and you can say that it is necessary to verify the identity of almost all access control systems.

Access control keyboard Various internal doors and access controllers, access to the control of the outer door of the main door:

When the cardholder tries to enter the door, he will pass the password on the keyboard, the card reader on the card goes to the door to enter the password, use the biometric fingerprint reader, such as it, see the palm phase, the retina recognition device it has its own identity.

Cardholder card holder information to ensure that it is eligible to enter said control signal, when transmitted by a computer controller to the vicinity of said identification north gate controller, the upper part of the door (or the electronic lock on the door side) , Open the door, so that cardholders can enter.

The door of the card holder (door spring, door closer, etc.), the door is automatically closed. When the door or electric lock is in the electric locking device, the sensor (lock state sensor) is often used when the door is too long to be turned on, and its signal is returned to the controller, controller, sound or bell (this phenomenon is In many cases, see the door in the hotel room), inform the person as soon as possible closed, open the door.

The controller's information will be opened at the same time to send to the access management computer at the room card owner. Information, and sent to the relevant software, information storage to receive computer information, will be displayed on the screen (such as: attendance software, etc.) will.

When trying to get the cardholder after the end (even if it is a two-way card, one-way card, which is required by the inside of the door), he is inside the door can press the left button, the door will automatically open.

Access control keyboard access control system power failure, the system will automatically open, when the lock discharge, people to visit, you can be free. In order to avoid the situation can not escape the fire.

Access control system and industrial control system (automatic control system) for building automation systems (BA), detection, basically the same way to run can be divided into management of three-way implementation of various principles Although it is such a relatively simple, Relatively compact.

To the reader, the keyboard password, a variety of biometric devices, the button when locking the sensor component in all the sensors, its task is to confirm the signal after uploading (biometric) or accept the command to upload.

The access control keyboard is controlled according to the time, after receiving the message, determines whether to open the management software bear access control system management function, the card number and the other information transmitted by the sensor door, if a door, the door issues a command to the electronic Lock open. Then, upon receipt of the lock state sensor, the timer, the alarm has timed out, has been started.

When receiving (power or power failure), the command to "run" the electronic lock switch command to adjust the status of the same command to operate. The locked state of the electronic lock sensor will be used as feedback and monitoring.

Some controllers can use the output control signal to control the coupling (usually or other contact switch is called hard contact) to relay the camera's lighting.