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Advantages Of Electronic Lock Button

Release Timeļ¼šAug 25, 2017

    General electric lock and electric lock (electric lock) action moment, the current impact of up to 3A, multimeter tip too slow can not be measured, if the access control system power is not enough (usually the standard access control power supply for 12VDC, 3- 5A.) The power supply can not withstand sudden high current shocks, short-term controller power failure or voltage instability, resulting in CPU (CPU) crash, chip recording history and parameters) Reading and writing is not normal and a system error may occur The (You need to format it on a U disk because it uses a paid plug like a U disk that reads and writes data.)
The impact of these high current does not always damage the system, but can make the system protection circuit and design circuit impact resistance to hundreds of thousands of times.
One of the advantages of the electronic lock button is:
1. Applicable unit door, bank storage interlock door, power model for the external, key, internal power failure, you can press the door on the mechanical button to open the door to open the door, open the door.
2. The power is turned off when the model is selected. When the internal power is off, use the mechanical lock to open the ball or use the key to open the ball to meet the fire requirements, affordable.