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China Intelligent Lock Manufacturers

Release Timeļ¼šJun 27, 2017

In the era of information big bang, intelligent lock increasingly toward home life, intelligent lock news and advertising is also common. China's smart home market is a huge tempting cake, attracting a large number of foreign-funded enterprises to smart locks as a cut in order to be able to share in the market. At the same time domestic enterprises giants to be outdone also have flex its muscles, a large number of celebrity endorsements, movies, TV series, shadows, network drama and other advertising implant after another. Fingerprint lock is no longer the future trend, but is in our daily life, occurred.
In any form, intelligence is always linked to "convenience", more quickly to deal with things, save time, in this era of time is often more than "money" is more valuable, which is more and more people choose smart home products The Smart door locks, laundry mopping the door, open the door off the window, air conditioning to warm ... ... even a simple switch door, always looking for keys in the non-stop looking for.
The emergence of smart locks, appropriately for people to pick up these should be quietly slip away the time. No need to carry the key, do not remember the password, not afraid of fingerprints are copied, the speed of the core, a touch of open, experience the speed of the second speed!
The emergence of smart locks, to the modern life has brought great convenience. For example, we now go out do not have to repeatedly check whether they forget the key to work or in the field can be remotely unlocked by the phone to see the family out of the situation. Or rental housing can automatically add or remove the tenant phone keys without having to change the door lock and so on.
Smart door locks now open the door as easy as opening the phone screen, shield cloud smart lock the world's leading smart phone Bluetooth door lock series, the use of bank-level encryption technology, close-up Bluetooth encryption transmission, its unique secure remote license , Remote door lock status view function, intelligent key user management system greatly enhance the safety and convenience of people to open the door. So, such a solution to the user's pain point of the smart lock, must be the next decade the most promising market investment.
In addition to the hotel and engineering areas, the length of short-term rental apartments in recent years has become a new growth point of the smart lock industry. According to the newly released data of the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2016, the floating population in our country (the floating population refers to the population separated from the population in the municipal area) was 245 million, a decrease of 1.71 million over the previous year.
Therefore, it is expected that the future for a long time, the floating population demand for rental, especially the short and short rental apartment demand is very strong. The smart lock just solves the problem of key management and authorization in the apartment leasing process, so the apartment smart lock in the past two years are 30% growth rate in the rapid development of the future will show a rapid growth trend.
Behind the rapid growth is a huge market support. China about 350 million families, smart lock installed for every 5% increase, you can bring 17.5 million sales, resulting in about 14 billion in sales. Huge market potential, smart locks will be the next decade to become the most promising market investment.