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China Smart Lock Manufacturer

Release Timeļ¼šJul 14, 2017

With the rapid development of the city, the middle class crowd consumption upgrade, people's pursuit of quality of life is also increasing, intelligent life has gradually penetrated all aspects of our lives. Smart lock as a smart home entrance, it is a pivotal core part. The emergence of smart locks, is to solve the mechanical lock in the use of the process, due to forget the key or often lose the key and many other pain and trouble. Smart lock can be through the APP, password, remote unlock, greatly enhance the convenience of people to unlock, fast.

Since the first year of this year, intelligent home and smart lock search index and attention index for three consecutive years was steady growth trend, the concept of intelligent life gradually formed in people's minds, smart lock market potential has been sustained release, and With the growth of the overall market of smart home and get a faster step by step development. According to a market research institutions released the report shows: China is now in the economic adjustment period, a variety of conventional industry low hovering, smart lock products in a second-tier cities sales soared in the third quarter of 2015, the chain increased by 326%.

It is predicted that the size of the smart home market will continue to increase from 2017 to 2018, China's smart home market up to 180 billion yuan, security-type smart home is becoming a number of investment institutions competing to catch up with the good project. Smart lock convenient, intelligent features and its stylish appearance not only by the public favorite, more and more new district, villa real estate began to install intelligent electronic lock, in order to improve the overall grade of the district.

 At present, artificial intelligence technology has been more developed, and in some countries or areas have been popular, but many people still feel that this thing seems far away from us, thought it was myth, can not accept. This is entirely our understanding of artificial intelligence there is a serious deviation, we should clearly realize that artificial intelligence has been integrated into our lives, to speed up the application of artificial intelligence research and production, you know, whether it is smart city or smart home , They are one of the areas of artificial intelligence applications.

Smart lock in this area to have outstanding contributions to make good results, first of all have to do the work of education and popularization. We can not close the door to entertain themselves, to it a "good thing to keep their own use." We should hope that more people of insight to participate in this innovation, only the formation of your catch up with me, healthy competition, mutual help each other's ecological community, in order to create a unique atmosphere of sharing.