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Construction Safety Management: A Door Frame And Accessories Installation Notes

Release Time:May 12, 2016

1) cross braces, horizontal frame, scaffold, connecting bars, locking arm should be set in accordance with construction requirements.

2) door frame with accessories of different products shall not be mixed in the same scaffolding.

3) cross braces, horizontal and scaffold should follow strictly the door frame installation settings.

4) lock and clasp of the various components must be in the locked state.

5) level or scaffold should be set continuously in the same step, scaffold should be put.

6) steel ladder position, the Assembly layout requirements, ladders should be added at the bottom at the bottom ф 42 pipe and fasteners fasten door frame pole, ladders should be set on both sides of handrails. Each steel span two or three steps further transition.

7) toeboards (BA) should be put up scaffolding construction layer on both sides, steeplechase (bar) should be placed outside the scaffold, rail, feet should erect Rod inside the door.