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Correct Choice Of Cabinet Door Locks

Release Timeļ¼šNov 15, 2017

  Everyone in the purchase cabinet lock, the general concern about the lock is not durable or shortly before the surface rust or oxidation. This issue is related to the use of materials and surface treatment issues. From the durability point of view, the best material should be stainless steel, especially the latch as the surface material, the more the lighter the better. Its strength, corrosion resistance, the same color. However, there are a variety of stainless steel, mainly divided into ferrite and austenite. Ferrite stainless steel, commonly known as stainless steel, a long time, the environment will rust, only austenitic stainless steel will rust, identification method is very simple, you can use the magnet to identify. Dragon domain handle lock

Choose the right and cost-effective cabinet locks should be adapted to local conditions. Solemn must be strong, insurance, certification best. Interior cabinet locks pay more attention to beauty and convenience. The higher the frequency of use, the purchase of good quality, the number of industrial lock doors to ensure the door handle.

After decades of development, more and more products are used for the closure of electrical cabinet doors. From the original handle to the plane handle type, the surface treatment has been extended from a single plating process to the current matte plating, spraying, nano spray, etc., from the original lock structure to tighten the lock, compression, connecting rod, etc. Improve the development of variable speed and level of protection and improve the anti-corrosion ability of cabinet locks.

Panel lock hinges need to be further processed on their surface. Hinge surface treatment of the cabinet is very different in price, in general better cabinet hinge treatment is the first after the copper nickel, but also depends on the pros and cons of electroplating manufacturers, although some electroplating manufacturers in this process is also useful, but the use of electroplating materials Is a second-hand inferior materials, electroplating effect than direct nickel plating. Some low-quality cabinet hinges manufacturer's new cabinet hinges did not open the package already rusting phenomenon.

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