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Correct Choice Of Cabinet Door Locks

Release Timeļ¼šJan 08, 2018

  In the purchase of smart locks, we will worry about locks will not rust and oxidation. This issue involves the use of materials and surface treatment issues. From the viewpoint of durability, it is preferable that a specific cam locking stainless steel material be used as the surface material of light. Its good electrical resistance, corrosion resistance, the same color. However, all kinds of stainless steel are mainly divided into ferrite and austenite. In general, stainless steel smart door locks, stainless steel magnetic ferrite, which is called stainless steel, environmentally friendly rust, rust-proof austenitic stainless steel, identification is simple, you do not try not to identify the magnet.

  Appropriate intelligent door locks are economical and eco-friendly smart locks, high efficiency, it is recommended that you choose according to local conditions. Sora door, we need a strong guarantee, the best proof. Interior wardrobe locks highlight the beauty and convenience. In order to ensure the door handle, in order to buy high-quality industrial lockers, the more the number, the higher the frequency of use.

  After more than a decade of development, more and more locks on the smart cabinet, in order to slowly from the flat handle type, the original handle type, from a single veneer processing source surface process, and now gradually matte coating, spray coating from The original structure locked cam lock transition formula, such as nano-spray, to enhance the resistance and corrosion, compression type, bonding type, it is possible to increase the protection level changes to lock the door.

  The hinge of the smart cabinet must be handled on its surface. Hinge surface treatment of cabinets varies widely in price, and the hinges of electrical cabinets in general are very good. The first nickel-plated copper base, which is even useful in some programs, will depend on the advantages of the galvanizing plant , The coating used is a low quality material that is less effective than direct nickel plating. Some low quality new cabinet hinges from the cabinet hinges manufacturers are not already open package rusting.