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CPSE2015 - The 15TH China Public Security Expo

Release Timeļ¼šNov 03, 2015

On October 29, 2015 - November 1, the 15th China international public safety fair (CPSE 2015) has a successful ending. Located at no. 3, hall 3 a 04 booth YLI Electronic stand out in this exhibition. YLI Electronic booth, atmosphere, concise fashion, fully bright design and modern design effect, make meaning Lin electronic in numerous exhibitors the ember will be a major bright spot, give visitors a number of new security products, attention to and praised by users at home and abroad.

On the security expo, YLI Electronic lock rolled out a lot of new products, such as ultra-low temperature electric mortise lock, monitoring electromagnetic lock, waterproof type door switch, etc., these products are based on the current development some new requirements on the market, and to monitor the electromagnetic lock as an example, the electromagnetic lock is mainly used in some higher requirements for security, such as the accounting office and general manager room, prisons, financial and other places. Not only in meaning Lin electric lock exclusive patented technology as a key selling point, is in a unique manufacturing process, exterior design, excellent quality, etc to attract the attention of the user.

YLI Electronic lock exclusive launch of magnetic locks with full metal structure compared with the traditional common magnetic locks on the market, the inside of the appearance and structure are completely different, attracted the attention of a large number of buyers, more order to come to consult the scene, it is also a full explanation to the recognition and affirmation of Lin.

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