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Development Of Electronic Access Controllers

Release Timeļ¼šNov 09, 2017

  Electronic access control system: also known as access control based on the traditional door lock control system. Access control system is the core of the system, the use of modern computer technology and a variety of identification technology to achieve intelligent management tools.

Traditional mechanical locks are just mechanical devices, and people can always open them in various ways, how reasonable the structure is, and how strong the material is. For frequent entry (eg, office, hotel room), key management is cumbersome and keys and keys must be used in place of significant loss or manual replacement. In order to solve this problem, but both, the two are to raise the level of management of those entrance channels in the electronic age that are to some extent channel management. The emergence of electronic locks, electronic locks, and second electronic lock applications continue to lock themselves The shortcomings of the gradual exposure of self-locking problems, wearing easily copied information, card and card reader is a large, high failure rate, low safety factor. Password lock problem is the password is easy to leak, can not be scanned. The safety factor is very low. In the meantime, most of the products of this period were mounted on the door, mainly because of the card reader (password input) and the control section, which can be easily unlocked outdoors. Access control systems are often referred to as electronic locks because the duration of such access control systems is in an early immature stage and applications are not yet widely available.

Electronic access control and management computer according to the communication is divided into: RS485 network access controller, TCP / IP network access controller and network access control.

1. There is no network access control, that is, a stand-alone control access control is a computer that manages the computer software beyond the control of the door and you can not record from the direct control of the controller. A cheap and easy installation and maintenance feature that you can, but at least 50 or the number of people who often flow, the number of gatekeepers will not be able to see fit for more than five items is not a record (meaning out of the ordinary).

2.485 Network Access Control is an access type that can be transferred to a computer and used directly to manage software, including card and event control. Ease of management and centralized control allow you to view records and records for other purposes. Relatively high price characteristics, installation and maintenance more difficult, but the training is very simple. Attendance attendance and other value-added services.

3 electronic access control, also known as Ethernet network access control, it can be a network access control system, but through the network cable and networked computers and controllers. In addition to all the benefits of the 485 access network, there is a significant amount of networking, inter-regional or inter-city networks and quick and easy installation. But it requires expensive equipment, computer network knowledge. Ideal for installation on large projects, people, speed requirements and cross-regional projects.