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East Of The Fire Alarm System Fire Protection Filing Penalties For A Hospital

Release Time´╝ÜMay 12, 2016

Fire hazard is related to public safety. 10th, Hedong District Fire Brigade fire safety inspection of public places, within the jurisdiction of a review found the hospital security risks remain high, the fire control room inside the hospital fire alarm system still paralyzed, according to the hospital's security risks, Hedong District Fire Brigade immediately of the units issued to order the rectification notice and filing penalties.

10th, Hedong District fire safety inspectors police fire brigade fire safety review of the Hedong District maternal and child services family planning centres. According to understand, this year February end of, fire sector had on the Center for had fire security big check, found the Center exists automatically spray water fire system paralysis; outpatient floor (main building) fire automatically alarm system fault, Middle connection parts steel building fire automatically alarm system stopped with; fire control room no duty, control cabinet exists shield, and fault; outpatient floor (main building) West anti-smoke stairs between Qian room set not meet requirements, and Qian room set Office; anti-smoke stairs between lock closed; Outpatient office building on the West side of indoor fire hydrant water and tie-no hoses, nozzles and other corrective item at the 11. The Fire Department issued a notice of rectification, requires its rectification.