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Electric Bolts Precautions

Release Timeļ¼šJul 27, 2017

1, the management of electric bolt connector
(1) the procurement of electric bolts for the use of suppliers must be approved by the relevant state of professional manufacturers, procurement, we must strictly in accordance with the requirements of the steel structure design drawings selection of bolt grade. The same time as
(2) electric screw connection must be supporting the supply. Wherein the torsional shear type high strength bolts are connected to each pair including a bolt, a nut, and a washer; the high strength large hexagon head bolts are connected with each pair including one bolt, one nut and two washers. The same time as
(3) pay attention to the use of high-strength bolts before the custody. Such as poor storage, will cause the bolt rust and dirt, etc., and then change the torque coefficient and performance of the bolt. In the custody of the following points to note:
A, bolts should be stored in moisture, rain, anti-dust, and by type and size of storage. The same time as
B, bolts should be gently put, to prevent the impact, damage to the packaging and damage to the bolt. Before applying the wire, keep it as much as possible in the factory state, so as not to torque coefficient and standard deviation or tightening axial force variation coefficient changes. The same time as
C, bolts should be used in the open box, and use the number of the day to use, the use of the remaining bolts should be recycled days, according to batch and specifications custody should be strictly according to batch number storage, use. Different batches of bolts, nuts, washers can not be mixed use. The same time as
2, structural assembly
Before the assembly of the structure to clean up the friction surface, with a wire brush to remove the floating rust, with a grinding wheel to remove the impact of the board between the paste hole, board edge burr, curling, cutting tumor. In case of paint, oil stains rubbing the friction surface to be strictly removed before lifting. The same time as
When assembling the application of steel drill, punch and other correction holes, in order to meet the friction between the plate surface close to the combination of good, first with temporary installation bolts and manual wrench fastening to reach the stick so far. To be adjusted in place after the high-strength bolts, and with the wrench appropriate tightening, with high-strength bolts one by one to replace the high-strength bolts. The same time as
The pre-tension of the high-strength bolts can not be directly measured due to the actual engagement of the motorized bolts. To this end, from the use of bolts torque coefficient relationship (T = K * P * d), the torque value to estimate its pre-tension. Therefore, the check control after the bolt is tightened must be confirmed that the torque value is not available to replace the pre-tension measurement. For this reason, the torque type electric wrench used for fastening must be measured to clarify the torque indication value.