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Electric Cabinet Lock Manufacturers

Release Timeļ¼šJul 22, 2017

  After several decades of development, more and more products from the original handle slowly transition to the plane handle type, the surface treatment from the original single plating treatment, and gradually extended to the current matt plating, spraying, nano-spraying And other structures from the original tongue lock to the tightening lock, compression link, etc. can improve the protection level of development, improve the door lock and corrosion resistance. (If the work ticket need to use which switch), press the switch to operate the electromagnetic lock power, then the cabinet lock need to power (other do not have to operate the switch without electricity) the operator needs to operate the switch according to the electromagnetic lock power button, solenoid valve open lock, Open the locking device by hand (the solenoid valve does not move when not open), switch operation. At present, the electromagnetic lock on the market can only open the lock, can not automatically operate, you need to manually open the locking device. At present I am studying the electromagnetic lock can be remotely operated equipment. Special cabinet cabinet door lock new AB403-1 cabinet hinge buckle handle hinge factory direct

  In the course of the development of the international development lock, we still have the lack of safety of the lock cylinder, the appearance of the shape is not very good defects. Future development needs to lock the components in GM and cylinder development changes, materials for environmental and economic development needs, as much as possible to reduce waste and recycling.