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Electric Cabinet Lock Price

Release Timeļ¼šAug 11, 2017

   The cabinet lock is now a more popular type of lock, the characteristics of this lock is connected between the door lock and the inductor, resulting in variability. At present there is a class of fingerprint identification of the door lock, is the use of the principle of the cabinet lock design transformation, it can be said that it is based on the electric cabinet door lock and the new door locks. But because of the current door lock fingerprint recognition system is not perfect, not accurate, and coupled with the use of old-fashioned switchgear lock has been used, so this new door lock is also difficult to popular, but there are still a lot of unstable factor. Fingerprint recognition, there are a lot of ways to crack, so this door lock also need more accurate improvement in order to shine.
 The following small cabinet manufacturers to lock the small manufacturers to tell you that the installation of electrical cabinet lock steps detailed:
    1, carefully read the instructions of the electric cabinet door lock, and then use the door to buy the paper or cardboard made of the distance between the sample plate attached to the appropriate location.
    2, selected hole saw the drill, according to the specified size to the cylinder core drilling, drill tip to penetrate the other side of the door, and then complete the drilling from the other side of the door.
    3, and then drill a hole in the appropriate size of the tongue, until connected with the lock core hole. Drill the process to keep the drill tip at right angles to the cabinet door. Then sandpaper the edge of the hole.
    4, the tongue will be inserted into the hole, and then fixed.
    5, the tongue and the tongue will be inserted into the chisel with a chisel in the mortise, and with screws cross fixed.
    6, insert the outer lock cylinder, is the lock mandrel or connecting rod for the bolt assembly, and then insert the inner lock core, fixed with screws.
    7, and finally determine the location of the tongue plate, and drilling fixed.