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Electric Door Lock Installation Method

Release Timeļ¼šNov 22, 2017

  Many times we have an electric door lock built in and we have no basis for judging its size so many of my friends will choose to remove the lock and then buy the bad lock in the market but dear friend you know how to delete the lock ? Let Xiaobian do more in the following few people.

step 1

Removal of the electric door lock, for many of my friends may never encounter, but we do not have to worry about the accumulation of experience, all we have to do is patient learning, so the first thing we have to do is to Pry the disc close to the door with a screwdriver or other relatively hard tool and twist the disc in the opposite direction of the unlock until it is back.

The second step

Next, we need to twist the door handle in the unlocked direction. When I saw the hole above, we found that a small thing was inserted into the hole so that it could serve as a helper so that we could quickly pull out a portion of the handle so that the most important step in the process could be accomplished Demolition, we will be easier in the future operation.

third step

Once the handle has been removed, we can easily pry open just now we value our loose discs, and then use the screwdriver to remove the screws above, and then we will go out and pull it out, so we have completed the demolition of the locking process is not very simple? Do not know if we have learned?

Handle safety Removal of electric door lock:

1, Screw the screws on the panel of the fixed screw first, remove the cylinder

2, and then unscrew the remaining two screws on the panel, you can remove the two panels

3, the lock on the side of the door lock also unscrew open good.

Electric door lock removal method:

1, inside the song on the door near the disc, then counterclockwise twist, let it back.

2, and then the part of the handle (ie the ball) twist a few times, carefully optimistic about a hole above, with a thin stuff into the unbearable, the ball can pull out.

3, just took out the disc, you will see two screws, get rid of them, and then pulled out from the side of the door.

Handle how to install the room door lock

1, determine the direction of opening the door

There are four general door, respectively, left lateral, medial left, right medial, lateral right. Before installation, confirm the direction of the door, so as not to install anti-theft situation.

2, electric door lock press the door to adjust the direction of the latch

Some products have left and right commutation function, follow the steps below to change the direction of the latch, and then replace the wrench inside and outside, you can change direction.

(1) The electric door lock upside down, the oblique tongue positioning sheet left.

(2) tilt the tongue to promote space position, choose to turn 180 degrees release, recovery direction.

3, special device handle replacement

The thickness of the door in the center as a width, height and depth depending on the size of the lock body hole size. Also dug a panel hole at the height of the corresponding panel size (3MM), requiring the panel to be flush with the door. The position of each hole marked according to the graphic size shall not be randomly changed and shall not be skewed.