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Electric Hook Lock Installation Method

Release Timeļ¼šAug 28, 2017

   Electric hook should lock on door leaf and the paint is dry and then after the lock setting in the paint part has the effects of the surface damage product set to confirm before the open door to lock the door direction and is uniform locks and determine the door lock installation height on the issue of the height (normal lock is about 1 meter) to extract the door lock set and read the instructions carefully set after the preparation of the instruments to extract quotations gauge installation project paper labeled "clear gate location and size of the corresponding tools use installation diagram on the issue of car door locks and installed in a quick fix to smooth order problem.

It is set up in plastic door, metal hollow and so on.

The steel door and chang are applied to metal and plastic.

Electric hook lock is installed in the range of fixed installation fittings, can use the anti-body method of the prototype part, can install the body, convenient.

The latch has modules and locks of anti-corrosion film.

Dantan open lock design thing to meet the demand.

Electric hook lock design USES life, and is prevention and lubricant etc.

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