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Electric Lock Basic Purchase Common Sense

Release Timeļ¼šAug 09, 2017

  First, the electric lock to have a metallic luster, can not have obvious scratches, standby current 300mA or so, the action current is lower than 900mA, a long time after power, the surface slightly hot, but not hot. The intensity should be sufficient to press the lock after the automatic bounce and powerful.It is best to carry out 4000 off test.If found that the process of locking weakness, or bounce is not in place, or can not play, as unqualified . Some engineering business to ask: is to buy two lines or multi-line electric lock it? Is this, multi-line electrical lock with a single-chip control, electric lock running by the microcontroller intelligent control, electric lock The lock body is not too hot, and has a delay control function and the door magnetic detection function.Temperature control function can adapt to the use of bad spring door, door monitoring function for the controller to provide door open and close status of real-time monitoring . Although these features you may not have to use, but there are single-chip control of the electric lock and no single-chip control of the electric lock quality and stability of the grade is not at a level, so I suggest you do not have to save a little money . Two-wire electrical lock, the internal structure is very simple, but a current-driven electromagnetic coil mechanism, working current, heat serious to a certain time will damage the electric lock. Not recommended.

Electric lock lock appearance to be fine, the surface can not be clearly scratched or rust, the key to the magnetic lock is to see his resistance to tension, the need for professional equipment to measure out, so only after the installation, the hand suddenly forced Pull a pull, pull can not be regarded as normal, but pay attention to the installation of electromagnetic lock body to fit, suction iron do not install too tight, otherwise it will affect the tensile strength.