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Electric Plug Lock Principle

Release Timeļ¼šJan 17, 2018

  Electric plug lock usually consists of two main parts: the lock body and keyhole. The key part of the lock body is the "locking tongue", which realizes the cooperation between the two states of "keyhole" and "closed door" and "open door". Will be inserted into the lock bolt lock hole, close the door, the lock tongue and keyhole separately, open the door. This is because the reduced tongue feature is a crown called "plugin." Moreover, due to this feature, the electric lock is usually used for various swinging (bidirectional opening). At the same time, its "hidden" installation is more suited to the locking feature of higher position confidentiality.

Electric lock is divided into two kinds, two kinds of unlocking power and unlocked, that is, the front state is the state of the lock door opening. However, if a fire occurs under normal conditions, the door can open automatically in the event of a fire.

There are two cylinders (power + and -) -, and the core 8 (power + and - contact with the door, and the commonality of the two cores 5 (gate contact and common point power + and) in both states State, plug 3 points)

The easy way to look at another way to lock a difference lock on the surface is good or bad,

It may be heavy.

During installation, the electrical mortise lock (including the bolt portion) is mounted to reverse and the rock fan (including the keyhole portion) is attached to the top of the moveable fan. Bolt and keyhole corresponding position, and to adjust the spring and ground lock corresponding position, you should know the installation. For glass door access, a lock plate can be used; however, because the frameless glass door, the inevitable wicket "bottom bracket" will act as a keyhole.

On the principle of electric lock

Common electric locks are electric locks, magnetic locks, electric locks, electric locks and so on.

Electric plug lock: also known as "anode lock", in fact, only "anode lock" is the power switch to open the door lock. According to the requirements of the fire, fire prevention, because the building will automatically power off, the power of the lock is to facilitate people to escape, it must be opened, plug the power lock performance (door).