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Electronic Lock To Become The Mainstream Market

Release Timeļ¼šSep 16, 2017

  Access control systems are becoming increasingly popular because the system provides a higher level of security while providing time management and building automation systems integration. In addition, in the access control market development more and more quickly, the scale of the case, the electronic lock compared to the traditional mechanical locks, the advantages are more and more prominent. Luo Chao said, "electronic lock is more secure." It is understood that the development of mechanical locks has a long history, mechanical unlock technology is now very mature, and the whole set of locks easier to copy. Luo Chao introduced, "for mechanical locks, only need to buy a professional in the market to unlock the tool, and then complex mechanical locks can be opened within a few minutes.But if the electronic lock, you can to some extent to avoid these Security risks, mainly because now a lot of electronic locks at the same time with a time control and alarm function.

Although the current electronic lock compared to the mechanical lock has more advantages, and access control solutions and electric lock device is gradually popular, but from the current market situation, the electronic lock can not completely replace the mechanical lock. IHS has expected 2012 standard machinery and equipment exports accounted for 70.8% of all export equipment revenue, is expected to 2017 will drop to 69.8%, due to the increasing use of electromechanical decoration and electric lock retractable device. In addition, IHS expects that most applications still require a mechanical lock to cover in the event of a power failure or system error, so that access control is the only restriction on the medium-term growth of the mechanical solution and is not necessarily replaced.

At present, the electronic lock market with the development of access control solutions to grow, electromagnetic locks and electric locks is the most common electronic locks, and access control system integration role. Luo Chao said, "electronic locks and access control system interdependence and common development, safe and reliable electronic locks on the development of access control market has a significant impact, can promote market users access to the access control system.

It is understood that the market is more mature in the United States and Western Europe tend to use electric locks, they think safe and beautiful and energy saving; and the domestic market is more inclined to use the electromagnetic lock, mainly because the electromagnetic lock easier to manufacture, cheaper and easier to install The Therefore, the relevant statistics show that electric locks in 2012 - 2017 in addition to Asia outside the region can get more favor. From the above point of view, whether it is electric locks or electromagnetic locks have a certain space for development, then according to the previous IHS company expects, 2017 electronic locks will be beyond the mechanical lock is expected to achieve the mainstream. Luo Chao also said, "electronic locks with mechanical lock unparalleled advantages, science and technology makes electronic locks more secure and reliable, I believe that electronic locks in 2017 to go beyond the mechanical lock and become mainstream.