Electronic Lock To Buy The Skills

- Nov 01, 2017 -

     The microcontroller receives the entered code and compares it with the password stored in the EEPROM. If the password is correct, it will drive the electromagnetic actuator to unlock it. If the password is incorrect, the operator will be allowed to re-enter the password, and the maximum number of times can be entered three times. Incorrect, then the microcontroller through the communication line to the intelligent monitor alarm. The microcontroller will each time the unlock operation and the current value of the electromagnetic actuator drive current as the state information sent to the intelligent monitor, while the alarm from the sensor interface to send the information is also sent to the intelligent monitor, as the basis for intelligent analysis.
According to the input password can be divided into the following categories:
1, button-type electronic lock: the use of keyboard (or combination of buttons) to enter the unlock password, easy to operate. Internal control circuits often use electronic lock ASICs.
2, biometric electronic lock: the sound, fingerprint and other human biological characteristics as a password input by the computer to identify the mode of unlocking, intelligent is quite high.
3, touch electronic lock: use the touch method to enter the unlock password, simple operation. Compared to the key switch, the touch switch has a long service life and low cost, and the electronic lock control circuit is optimized.
Smart door locks are divided into IC card door lock (card type), magnetic card door lock (card type), induction card door lock and TM card door lock, the most used for the card lock and IC card door lock, first of all according to their own hotel Management requirements analysis, the system cost to choose the type of door lock installed. Because the smart lock is different from the mechanical lock, the smart lock emphasizes the stability of the whole system, involving the mechanical, electronic, computer system, a system has a part or a lock instability is inconvenient, it is impossible because of a lock With another brand, because a system can only use a brand of door locks, it is recommended to use a better reputation of the mature brand, the current domestic smart lock brand, but a full set of production capacity is estimated to be less than 10%, the best to understand The manufacturers of the development, production, after-sales situation, whether it is standard enterprises, whether the construction of the quality management system.
4, dial-type electronic door lock: the use of mechanical dial switch input lock password. Many key-type electronic locks can be converted into dial-type electronic locks. Electronic lock, it is also 51 series microcontroller (AT89051) as the core, together with the corresponding hardware circuit to complete the password settings, storage, identification and display, drive the electromagnetic actuator and detect the drive current value, receive sensor alarm Signal, send data and other functions.
5, electronic key electronic lock: the use of electronic key input (or as) unlock the password. The electronic key is an important part of the control circuit. Electronic key can be composed of components or components composed of unit circuits, made of small handheld unit form. Electronic key and the main control circuit can be sound, light, electromagnetic and other forms.