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Electronic Locks Has Become The Inevitable Trend Of Development Of The Industry

Release Timeļ¼šNov 03, 2017

  The era of the Internet is the era of "experience is the king," the rise of smart home, but also with its experience of intelligent life are inseparable. In the era of the Internet of Things, the smart electronic lock, as an important landing point in the smart security industry and even in the smart home industry, has its real value lies in its entrance potential that is vertically tapped on the smart home. It will bring rich scenarios for smart home experience and interpretation Internet of things, "connect everything" essence.

  In the past year, the combination of electronic locks and WeChat lock in the emerging common bike industry has come out in the limelight. In the civilian market, the electronic lock is not limited to the field of travel in the field of travel, more closely related to our home and business premises, equipped with smart technology electronic locks, more widely used. As a smart lock manufacturer, which occupies a leading position in the civil electric lock industry in China, Guillar, as early as the 90s of last century, has seen a huge business opportunity hidden in this market.

  After more than 20 years of development, the domestic electronic lock manufacturers rely on the biological fingerprinting technology matures, with its unique fingerprint basis, gradually eroded the traditional mechanical key market space, and promote the lock industry quickly from the hardware and mechanical lock era Into the smart fingerprint lock era. Magnus seems in the field of smart home, people's requirements for electronic locks in addition to convenient and safe, but also hope that through the Internet and the lock to control the entire house facilities.

  One of the characteristics of high-tech is the replacement especially fast, in order to meet the diverse needs of users, the electronic lock industry from the era of intelligent fingerprint lock to the rapid evolution of intelligent Internet lock, has become an inevitable trend in the development of this industry.

  According to experts from Guangdong Security Association, the difference between a single smart lock and a networked lock lies in the fact that there is no use of Internet technology to connect the fingerprint lock with other smart home devices in the network or the house to achieve remote control and supervision.

  Although compared with mechanical locks, electronic locks currently occupy less than 5% of the domestic market share, however, with the environmental protection, energy saving, smart and safe gradually become the focus of a new round of commercial housing competition, the real estate industry on the high-end digital electronic door Lock market demand is growing. "Intelligent technology in the field of home applications will continue to deepen the materialized electronic locks will become the trend."