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Electronic Locks The Future Development Trend

Release Timeļ¼šNov 17, 2017

  Some of the current and the Bluetooth dongle lock fingerprint locks are integrated with cloud lock (fingerprint + password + Bluetooth) lock can be collectively referred to as the main electronic door locks, such as whether to split from the network into two types Offline and web.

  Throughout the country, major brands of electronic locks mainly in the Pearl River Delta region, the rest of Jiangsu and Zhejiang manufacturers. The opening of smart locks (eg, fingerprints, long channels, retina, finger vein, facial features, etc.) granted to the organism. At present, this is basically fingerprint recognition, but behind the people, the finger vein iris is the future trend, the current volume is very small.

  Intelligent electronic door locks in this family field, many manufacturers are mainly due to cost considerations, the current smart home devices, the device has not been universal or connected, most of the features of cloud lock with no basic communication module consumer demand is not enough Strong, but there is still cloud lock on the manufacturer. It is currently a large transport or offline electronic door lock.

  Internet companies have poured into a large number of incremental market-oriented traditional hardware locks, security door industry, corporate security cameras, appliance manufacturers and smart home system providers.

Among other features in the market smart electronic door locks, the 360 is smart control, the current fingerprint + password + key way to launch the smart lock using fingerprint identification module two programs.

  The fingerprint module is now a block diagram of the alcohol solution, which includes a fingerprint sensor IC recognition module, an arithmetic IC, and the algorithm is a relatively high share of the external communication module Swedish FPC is the plug-in requirement.

The future based on the "Bluetooth +" dual-module approach will be the mainstream. "The other way is for Bluetooth to agree, but the main module will vary depending on the specific application and environment." Materials in the Bluetooth Networked Bluetooth Module 5.0 Standards and Applications and Web Publishing Site This is a Widespread and smart locks are widely used. May use Bluetooth +433 or Bluetooth or become a mainstream market.

 Another trend that electronic locks are based on mobile phones, NB- exists in the main worker Push has a strong signal of the base station is NB-IOT use communication, wire in the user's needs, and low power management support, low cost, In low power mode, the signal is actually what NB-IOT devices, remote door monitoring, management, and lock-in connections to the Internet, and NB-IOT is generally considered the most promising future IoT communication solution to What to achieve a large area of communication.