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Get Off Buy Breakfast Bags Inside The Car Without Electronic Lock Jammers

Release Time´╝ÜMay 12, 2016

Get off early, clearly remembered locking the car, 2 minutes later, but found when tens of thousands of Yuan of property stolen, Mr Chen baffled. In fact, he is in the electronic lock jammers, were targeted by thieves. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Castle Peak Police, thieves manipulate jammers have been detained.
On February 27 this year 8:40 A.M., Chen drove to the ER who lives in Castle Peak Road market to buy early, less than 2 minutes after parking, only to find that the co-pilot seat bag is gone, there are mobile phones, cash, loss of thousand Yuan, Hua police station, to the police. Let him catch is, he remembers when locking the car, how could be stolen.