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Glass Door Lock Installation

Release Timeļ¼šDec 15, 2017

    Although we all know enough about the nature and purpose of the electric lock itself, but want it to really play a role in our life, we need to install it, then of course we have to understand the glass door installation, As well as the installation of glass door power locks, let's take a look at it.
    First, any installation of things, we need to find a suitable installation location for the electric plug-in is no exception, then how do we find the location of the electric plug-in lock? In the electric plug-in box has a Stickers, we first close the door, then we must determine the center line of the door and the door frame, and then the center of the sticker with its affixed.
    Second, the above steps, although simple, but we need enough care, be sure to ensure that the three center line in a position, and then we use the drill in the hole in the sticker to start drilling, which is what we need electric plug-in Installation location, do all this work, we can start the following work.
Third, the installation is divided into two parts, one is the lock body, the second is the lock, the former we will install it on the door frame, and to be good after the baffle and then use the screws for a fixed, and we lock the installation On the door So we basically completed the entire installation, it looks very simple, but there are many places in the process need us to pay more attention, let's go and see it.
     First of all, we have to pay attention to the location of the bolt and the lock, and to a solid installation, otherwise it will lead to some bad phenomenon during use, resulting in a significant reduction in the life of the lock, in addition, we most Good to lock the delay modulation 2.5 seconds, so you can ensure that the door is not shaking in the lock, this is actually a protection of the life of the lock.