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Good Quality Door Holder

Release Timeļ¼šSep 25, 2017

Door clip classification: According to the different functions can be divided into: long door clip, short door folder two categories

Door clip can be divided into by use: the folder, under the folder, the top clip, song folder, lock folder, shaped door clip

According to the material can be divided into aluminum folder, zinc folder, iron clip and stainless steel clip four

According to a fixed way can be divided into three nails, card position, set screws three fixed way

Common specifications for door clips

Glass door clip is generally suitable for 12mm glass. Can be increased by the way the pad paper so that it is suitable for 8mm, 10mm thick glass door, and some folder can clip 15mm thick glass. Open long door clip for 12mm-15mm thick glass door to use.

1. Door clip shell can be divided into stainless steel and aluminum shell, iron shell three, the best stainless steel, followed by aluminum, iron shell price is cheaper, but relatively easy to rust.

2. Shell surface treatment: mirror light, sanding, titanium, gold, rose gold, according to customer demand can also be a variety of surface treatment.

3. Door clip castings generally use three kinds of materials: iron, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, iron pieces of the most widely used, the highest price of aluminum, the use of the best results and life. Iron parts cheap, but because of the material is too hard, the material is easy to rust, there are some manufacturers to reduce the cost of rubber or PVC instead of

4. Pad paper according to the material can be divided into paper mats, asbestos pad, non-asbestos pad, pad four. Lock pad paper were 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm three, the other are 2mm

5. The chuck of the door clip can be divided into chuck, chuck, top chuck and crank chuck according to its use.

6. Under the folder can be divided into JU (GMT) head, N (star) head, D (Duo Ma) head, B (square) head, according to the material can be divided into two kinds of stainless steel, carbon steel.

7. Upper, top, song chuck factory General material for the zinc alloy, of course, can do very little stainless steel or carbon steel.

8. Door clamp screw material can be divided into two kinds of stainless steel and iron. According to its use can be divided into casting screws, the next chuck screw, the top (top / song) chuck screws.