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How The Magnetic Lock Works

Release Time:Oct 10, 2017

We know that the two poles of each magnet, one of the Arctic (N pole) and one Antarctic (S pole), the magnet has the same repulsion, the opposite sex suction characteristics. Magnetic lock is the use of the magnet of this feature, the use of permanent magnet (magnetic beads) made out of the lock, it was called "electronic lock."

First, the magnetic padlock

1, magnetic padlock inside the two long strip, one is the activity board, another piece

Fixed plate. When the padlock is locked by force, the latch will squeeze the projection on the movable plate so that the movable plate has a force to move in the direction of the fixing plate. If the movable plate can move to the fixed plate at this time, Distance, lock can be opened.

In the longitudinal direction of the two elongated plates, each plate is drilled with four holes, respectively. One end of the four beads is fixed with a thin brass wire of the magnetic beads, and the brass wires on the four beads are respectively inserted in the four holes of the fixing plate. Fixing the four holes on the plate is brighter than the brass wire, so the beads can slide on the fixed plate in all directions, but fixed in the lock, because the lock body can not move the vertical movement. The magnetic beads do not have a fixed brass wire at one end facing the keyway outside the lock, and the bead is fixed with one end of the brass wire facing the movable plate. Due to the interaction of the four magnetic beads in the lock, the brass wire of the bead tail is not in a straight line (or different heart) on the four holes of the movable plate, and when there is tension acting on the locked lamb , The lock beam will squeeze the activities of the plate on the bump, the activities of the plate at this time although the direction of the fixed plate to move the force, but this time because the brass wire is not aligned on the activities of the hole, that is, yellow The copper wire will withstand the movable plate, which can limit the movement of the movable plate to the fixed plate, so that the lock can not be opened. When the appropriate key is attached to the keyway outside the lock, the magnetic bead will be locked In the magnetic beads of the suction (must be inside and outside the opposite sex magnetic pole corresponding), making the lock within the four brass wire driven by the magnetic beads, just with the hole on the hole, respectively, when there is tension on the lock , The bumps on the movable plate are squeezed and will overcome the force of the spring in the lock and move in the direction of the fixing plate because the four brass wires can enter the holes in the movable plate. The plate can move to a certain distance in the direction of the fixed plate, the lock can be openedIn order to allow the brass wire to smoothly enter the hole in the movable plate, the end of the brass wire is pointed.

When the lock beam is aligned with the keyhole, the locking beam is subjected to the pulling force of the lock spring, which pulls the latch into the keyhole, and the movable plate is returned to its original position by the force of the spring.

2, unlock

The general magnetic padlock, not very sophisticated, when the force to pull the padlock at the same time, with hardwood knock on the lock body, you can resonate with the magnetic interaction, it is possible to make the tip of the brass wire alignment plate Lock open. Because this lock body is cast aluminum, itself is not very strong, easy to lock the body or internal components knocked bad, hope to pay attention to beat the power. Sometimes with four keys within the beads try a good polarity, respectively, directly in the lock outside the key slot, can also be unlocked. In the operation of the easy to suck together, not easy to separate, or sometimes, although the four beads try to suck the polarity of the key slot, and sometimes pull the beam or can not unlock, do not worry, may be slightly changed a little magnetic beads Position, and then activities of the activities of the lock beam, you can also use a block of powerful magnets, such as speakers on the magnet, close to the key outside the lock slot, along the vertical movement back and forth while pulling the lock beam, you can unlock.

Second, magnetic door locks

1, magnetic lock lock (including magnetic drawer lock) and "ten" word ball lock the basic structure is very similar. The basic structure is also composed of cylinder (plunger) and lock cylinder jacket (lock cylinder). (The magnetic chamber is what I call); shell hole on the cylinder hole is through the hole (from the keyhole can see the ball), and the magnetic lock cylinder (magnetic cylinder) (Not seen from the keyhole of the magnetic lock), the depth of the blind hole on the magnetic lock cylinder is shorter than the height of the magnetic bead, and when part of the bead is not inserted into the appropriate key Can enter the blind hole on the lock cylinder, the other part of the lock in the lock outside the core, both in the hole in the cylinder, which is the magnetic lock of the bolt state; ball lock is a ball bolt, magnetic lock is magnetic beads bolt, Ball lock with upper and lower beads, magnetic lock also has upper and lower beads; ball lock with spring elastic control of the ball beads to maintain the role of locking the resting state of the magnetic lock, each magnetic beads of the two beads are polar Relative to the use of homosexual repulsion is the magnetic force will be pushed into the cylinder under the blind hole, to maintain the role of locking the static state of the bolt.

The lock is locked by the use of a suitable key to insert the keyhole, directly against the ball to overcome the spring force to lift all the ball bolt action and unlock; magnetic lock is to use the appropriate magnetic key, the use of the key in the magnetic beads and lock the opposite sex Repressive force, non-contact to lock the blind hole in all the magnetic beads in the release, the lifting of the magnetic beads of the bolt and unlock the role of each of the same type of "ten" lock bolt space position is fixed (such as Each row of beads difference of 90 °), but each of the lower length of the ball is different, and the use of the height of the key teeth coincide, each of the same type of magnetic lock within the magnetic bead bolt space position is different, but each The length of the beads is the same, and the direction of the magnetic beads in each of the beads is different, corresponding to the position and polarity of the beads on the key that opens the lock.

2, unlock

There are magnetic tools to sell the lock, you can use the appropriate (size of a variety of) magnetic lock lock tool to open. There are a number of (4-5) rotatable rings on the pole of the special tool, and there are a number of magnetic beads embedded in the ring. The rotating ring also changes the spatial position and polarity of the bead, rotates the ring on the tool, Insert the tool to try to open, once the magnetic lock and the magnetic beads in the space between the location and polarity of the corresponding, you can open the lock. General magnetic lock seems to only three or four beads bolt, not very sophisticated, and sometimes easy to use the function to try to unlock. Some good quality magnetic door locks are sometimes easy to use tools to unlock.