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How To Adjust The Strength Of The Door Closer

Release Timeļ¼šDec 28, 2017

  Adjust the door closer switch, adjust the coverage speed fast, low power, slowly close the door quickly. Covers the hydraulically controlled two closed valve gate valve speed control covers for all components through two hydraulic valves.

How to adjust the closing force of the door closer?

first step:

Only the upper part of the door is mounted on the hinged side of the leaf next to the door and the free end of the screw body speed is cycled and if not the door keeper can not break if the door closer, door and door frame will be removed from under the groove when the four screws are rubbed With the exception of the open housing mounted on the door, which is then glued to the top of the shift lever, the gear back cap tightens the threaded fastener another.

Step two:

Insert the connecting rod and secure the connecting rod to the door frame with two screws. The retention lever and door frame are connected at a right angle. Release the locknut configured to adjust the length of the wire, and gently push the lever arm link pin into the hole only in the rearmost part of the lever perpendicular to the door frame. Place washing machine and secure with semi-circular screw. Alcazar, complete the installation.

third step:

The correct shutter speed sets the coverage speed. If you need to change the speed, turn the adjustment screw as shown.


Door closers are not used for double-sided doors.

Screw speed control to control the speed of the door. Turn the clock slowly and rotate it counterclockwise.

A year later, you should add frozen oil closer to the door. Filling oil, open the screw hole, tighten to fill the oil, oil screw.

The remaining screws and seals can be to prevent any oil spill rotation.

Gates is under construction

(1) By: built-in spring and spring buffer slider and slider door installed on the rail mounted hydraulic door on the door frame. With the built-in shutters installed in the slot leaves and door frames, the appearance of the door does not affect when the door is closed. It is suitable for the door of a luxury hotel.

(2) Principle: The spring-return link moves in the direction of the hinge to point away from the hinge line, driving the sliding groove back and the door reaches these targets. The front end opens the door at a right angle when the door slides on the time piece, slides toward the hinge, locks the front end of the slider in the speech card slot, and locks the door in that position.

(3) installation point

On the frame of the door closer, fans placed on the top of the door should be beaten at the top and bottom of the sling.

Then install the door and window spring buffer hydraulic jack before pushing the inner sliding stripe frame door.

Is a door frame, the fan is installed, and then installed in the column nut, installed in the spring.