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How To Buy Electronic Lock

Release Time´╝ÜOct 17, 2017

  Fingerprint solution electronic lock is of course convenient and unique, but the choice of fingerprint authentication should try to select the semiconductor segment scanning technology sensor. In this case, a stranger would like to join your house for fingerprint verification.
It is best to have false password technology. In the stranger do not need to hide the password before, that is to keep your face, to avoid the security of the password. In addition, if the keyboard is fixed in a few figures may actually cause a lot of security risks, then the best use of fingerprint prevention technology.
Electronic locks need to be installed, but some users want to install on the security door, of course, there are installation options on the wooden doors, of course, do not remove the idea and need to install the glass door, of course please do. The installation of smart door locks is a very professional work, that is, according to the existing lock body, remove the original mechanical lock after easy installation and installation. The security door is the thickest, but with the installation of the business smart door lock, then the thickness of the wooden door is also higher than the installation of the anti-theft door glass door installation is the most difficult, you must choose especially the glass door to install the smart door lock The
     Some of the world's leading brands of electronic locks usually go through time and effect testing, can be fully guaranteed to use. You can also provide a better consumer experience by improving the pre-sales service system. Can guarantee the use of pre-sale after-sales service installation.