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How To Choose An Electronic Lock Provider

Release Time:Sep 21, 2016

Investing in locks, whether electronic or mechanical, is a very important decision since the goal is to control, protect, and reduce liability for that value on the other side of the door. Making the decision to go forward with the innovation of what electronic locks have to offer is the best choice; however, make sure you are choosing a provider that has the best support for its products and future-proofs its products by investing in things like research and development.


Longevity: There is a lot of technology out there presented by many companies you may not have heard of, so look for long-running history and experience. You need to know that the company will be around to service and support your equipment rather than some new, crowd-source-funded company that is here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t lock yourself into a company that isn’t forward thinking and doesn’t have a strong financial background.


On the cutting edge: Look for a company that is on the cutting — and bleeding — edge of technology. For example, updates and changes should be done by software and firmware — without changing the locks. The company should be able to provide the technology available today and produce the technology of tomorrow. A company that shows a commitment to research and development is a company that shows a commitment to the cutting edge. Look for a company that has smart card technology; Bluetooth technology; NFC technology; and everything that is built in. Don’t choose a company that has a one way — their way — proprietary system.


Strong industry partnerships: Choose a company that has a solid background with reputable dealer networks that do installations, support the installation, and service the customer. They should know the laws and codes for door hardware installations; for example, the door’s fire rating. This is definitely not a do-it-yourself project.


Product variety: Look for a company that offers a variety of styles, lever sets, and escutcheons to meet your architectural demands. The quality and craftsmanship of the hardware should match the innovation and reliability of the electronic lock’s operational features.


Keying needs: The need for locks extends way beyond traditional doors. An electronic lock provider should be able to offer a solution for all keying needs: locker locks, server rack locks, cabinet locks, panic devices, and any situation that requires lock protection.

The security industry’s migration from mechanical locks to electronic locks is a smart choice and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Studies have shown that in the long run, electronic locks are just as affordable as mechanical locks while offering additional layers of security and enriched programming features. To stay ahead of the trends in locks and door access control, choose electronic locks. Just make sure the electronic lock manufacturer you choose is a reputable company that stands behind its products and invests in unlocking the technology of the future.