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How To Choose And Buy Electric Cabinet Lock

Release Timeļ¼šSep 04, 2017

  Normal are worried that locks lock when the choose and buy, not durable or it won't be long before the surface rust and oxidation.This problem is related to the use of materials and surface treatment.From the perspective of the durability of the best material should be stainless steel, especially turn lock tongue is used for surface material, more with more light.It has very good strength, strong corrosion resistance, color remains the same.But also have a variety of stainless steel, the main can be divided into ferrite and austenite.Ferritic stainless steel of magnetic, commonly known as stainless iron, time is long, the bad environment will rust, only the austenitic stainless steel does not rust, identification method is simple, can identify with the magnet a try.

Choose a suitable and cost-effective locks to adjust measures to local conditions.Door to door is no must be strong, insurance, there are the best.Indoor electrical cabinet lock is more pay attention to beautiful and convenient.Use frequency is higher, want to buy good quality, high industrial cabinet lock switch frequency to ensure the doorknob.

Electrical cabinet lock after decades of development, more and more products, from the original hand lever gradually transition to the plane, surface processing from the original single electroplating processing, gradually extended to today's matt plating, spraying, nano coating, etc., the structure from the original tongue lock type to have closed the lock type, compression type, connecting rod type, etc can improve the protection grade change more development, improve the electrical cabinet lock tightness and corrosion resistance.

In introduced the related information, such as electric cabinet lock, after we learn about the electrical cabinet lock locks are widely used in modern society, such as my company in addition to professional sales turn tongue locks, lock, lock the door tothe electric cabinet, electric cabinet hinge is my company's main products.

Electric cabinet hinges on their surface for further processing.Prices vary considerably, electrical cabinet hinge surface treatment is generally good electrical cabinet hinge processing copper plating nickel plating again, but it also depends on the pros and cons of electroplating factory, some electroplating factory is also useful such a process, but the plating material are used inferior material, plating effect component is not as good as direct nickel plating.Some inferior electric cabinet hinge manufacturer of new electric cabinet hinge hasn't opened the package has rusty phenomenon.

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