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How To Choose Intelligent Electronic Lock

Release Timeļ¼šNov 07, 2017

With the popularity of intelligent home, more and more families to ordinary locks on the door, replaced by a convenient, safe, stylish smart electronic locks.

However, there are so many smart electronic lock brands in the market today that there are cheaper, more expensive, more domestic, and more imported ones. How should we choose? Today, let Xiaobian to teach you a few tips for the selection of intelligent electronic lock it!

1. Look at the electronic lock brand

For a long history, focus on brand quality of the enterprise, is bound to attach great importance to product quality, will be from all aspects of the product's stringent requirements in order to obtain high-quality market reputation.

Therefore, the selection of smart electronic locks, we must choose a well-known brand. For example, a hundred years lock brand Yale electronic locks, as early as the 19th century, Yale father and son created this make people living safer and more convenient brand locks, and continue to be improved. Today's Yale electronic locks, all the more obvious advantages, so if you choose such a brand, is absolutely reassuring.

2. Look at the quality of electronic locks

No matter how many flowers are blown out in advertisements, if the quality of products is not good enough, then gorgeous rhetoric will eventually only result in renewed user complaints.

Therefore, in the selection of intelligent electronic locks, be sure to choose a quality guaranteed product. For example, Yale electronic locks, the normal service life can reach more than 10 years, at the same time through the anti-shock, waterproof and other tests, 304 stainless steel lock body after 500 million times to open the door test, therefore, the quality is leveraged.

Look at the function

The purpose of purchasing intelligent electronic locks is to make it easier for family members to use, so that electronic locks can better protect the safety of their families. Therefore, the function of locks is complete, which is also a crucial factor.

Or give an example of Yale electronic lock it. Its fingerprint, password, smart card, Bluetooth unlock and other functions, completely eliminating the trouble with a key, even if one of the features temporarily fails, you can also easily open the door in other ways. The unique design of the safety handle, automatic lock, into the alarm and other functions, fully highlighted the advantages of intelligent electronic locks than ordinary locks, from the family no longer have to worry about whether theft will be at home.

Look after sale

Many people have encountered such a bad thing. The products bought came into being shortly after use. The repair phone always failed to get through. Finally, the products were thrown aside and finally could not be used any more.

A quality business, in addition to focus on product quality, but also for the after-sales service is quite valued, so consumers will not have worries.