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How To Choose The Cabinet Lock

Release Time´╝ÜOct 19, 2017

   In the purchase of electrical lock when the purchase of more durable, and some quality of the general cabinet lock will rust or oxidation. It is the use of materials and problems in the surface treatment process. In a solid support section, it is made of a considerable stainless steel material, which is mainly used to shut it to the surface of the material, to the light of the cam. No strength, corrosion resistance, discoloration. They can be divided into a variety of rich ferrite and austenite. Magnets, which are generally considered to be stainless steel, iron, while in long and boring ferritic stainless steels are not rusty, rusty, invariant, not only austenitic steels, with a simple solution to try to identify with the magnets The Touch and up to LOE
Buying it is both a cost-effective lock local condition. His door must be firm, very good, very certified. Indoor electrical cabinet with aesthetics and convenience as the key lock. The higher frequency of use is to buy a good quality, industry, small cabinet hair, with the change of the times the prince, change and the top of the door handle.
After several decades of development, more and more mainstream rear closet bolts, from the handle to the original style sliding handle slowly transition, in a process of the original plating surface treatment, gradually extended until today, dull Coated, sprayed, the original weight of the nano, etc., lock the cam stock, I profit from the original structure, thick, should be passed to the easy, I heard the kind of compression of that link: It can improve the degree of development and protection, and through the door, I am in total profit, improve the electrical and corrosion resistance.
Because of this, they need more electric box hinges for surface treatment. Cabinet hinge surface treatment prices are also very different, generally good electric box to accommodate a large number of first nickel-plated copper again down, but will depend on the advantages of electroplating plants, but also some are also useful in the orderly process ; But the use of materials using inferior materials is so small that the effect of harsh nickel plating has produced many of the world. I gave the hinge, hinge cabinets the lower door of the cabinet, the manufacturer made the noise: do not open the packaging, they will rust in the scene.
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