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Innovative Smart Locks

Release Time:Jan 24, 2018

  With the development of Internet and Internet of Things, smart home products are gradually released, and the state of smart lock is self-evident.

As a rare home entrance, all of our lives have a special "Internet Lock" Internet, which also has its own function, features, culture, meaning in the family's first line of defense, basically a smart lock to carry.

The emergence of smart locks absolutely changed the hardware industry to lock low threshold, low value-added features. At present, China's smart lock industry has developed rapidly, especially in the following areas.

What is innovation, everything connected and smart lock

First of all, I will create a path of innovation

Unlocking Keys Mechanical locks and smart locks use non-machine keys to unlock symbols, regular cards, passwords, phone logins, biometrics, and more.

Biometrics and computer technology utilize the human body's unique physiological features (such as fingerprints, facial images, irises, etc.) and behavioral traits, using optical and acoustic means (such as handwriting, voice, walking, etc.) Fingerprint identification percentage of individuals.

Fingerprint Fingerprint Fingerprint Lock is more optical fingerprint recognition. Lighting fingerprint has a long history, obvious advantages: to withstand certain temperature changes, good stability, high resolution. However, at the same time, its drawbacks are also gradually revealed: collecting equipment, finger drying recognition rate is low, false fingerprint resolution is not enough.

As a result, more smart door lock manufacturers have chosen semiconductor fingerprinting, that is, in-body identification. For example, the fingerprint recognition semiconductor can use the deep biological fingerprint recognition to prevent the fingerprint from being affected by the dirty conditions such as dry, wet, light and dusty fingerprints, and mainly is a good optical fingerprint recognition.

Second: structural design optimization

Can improve the intelligent door lock function, optimize the machine structure, improve the performance; Optimize the electronic structure, improve the reliability and ease of installation of smart lock.

Three: material optimization

Rock body lock material has several kinds of plastic, zinc alloy, stainless steel, which generally includes stainless steel riot, the best durability. However, due to the difficulty of forming stainless steel plastic, high cost, the fingerprint lock on the market to zinc alloy and plastic mixture of riot manufacturing performance is poor. Of course, the industry is working hard to improve the situation, improve the material properties, processing technology has done a lot of attempts.

Four: design innovation

Early lack of intelligent door locks industry, many products look like well-known foreign brands, there is no characteristic. Until recently, the concept of independent innovation was repeatedly mentioned, smart lock brand finally gradually developed its own characteristics.