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Intelligent Door Lock Trustworthy Area

Release Timeļ¼šJan 29, 2018

  The door is the first step in the room, but it prevents the intrusion of risk factors and makes home and property security an important barrier. The quality of the door lock is the most important measure of door safety. How do you choose a safe door lock?

Understand the general classification of door locks introduced from the beginning

The rock's history is long and basically the same as private ownership. After thousands of years of development, rock has evolved from simple latches and wooden locks to ordinary snap locks and electronic locks. As technology advances, I believe more security locks will continue to appear. So, at this stage you can choose what kind of lock?

1, ordinary lock classification

Many locks are removed for lack of security and therefore can only be seen in museums. Now more common lock is divided into two kinds: mechanical locks and electronic smart lock. Smart lock is a new type of lock that emerges with the development of electronics and other technologies. It is the future direction of the development of the lock, and its market share is constantly increasing.

The advantages and disadvantages of mechanical locks and smart locks

The advantages of mechanical lock: the price is relatively low; market awareness; strong panel; high-quality mechanical lock smart anti-theft is not bad

Disadvantages of mechanical locks: normal mechanical lock anti-technology to open the smaller capacity, the key is easy to lose or copy, the key to forget the daily annoying

The advantages of smart lock: Do not be afraid to forget the higher capacity, anti-technology open higher security and key

The shortcomings of smart lock: the price is generally high, the market awareness decline,

Smart Door Latches Caution: There is no absolute safety lock in the world. Anti-lock and unlock technologies are like spears and shields, and both are constantly evolving. Mechanical lock, more lifelike, feel low cost, smart lock, many such options, modern society, direction lock, high security, easy operation, choice of development before considering this is a consumer.

2, introduced the ball lock

Mechanical locks are not only marble locks, but most current mechanical locks are marbled. The surface of the lock cylinder is radially distributed with a plurality of holes corresponding to the holes of the lock body so as to ensure the necessary concentricity. These holes are filled with two rows of upper and lower cylindrical pins for the top and bottom pins. Generally, the body of the lock body is inserted into the lock body of the key hole, and the lock cylinder rotates from the bottom of the lock member through the lock body hole.

After locking the pin, as they are inserted into the proper key, the upper surface is in contact with the lower pin which is in full contact with the pin to match the lock, one of the pitch of the pitch of the balls, the cylinder block on the surface of the pin, , Drive agencies to achieve switching operations.

3, the introduction of smart lock

Smart lock, unlike the traditional mechanical lock, smart lock multi-user identification, security management. Set of electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, a variety of innovative identification technology in a smart rock

Smart spring lock product classification

Password lock

It is an unlock password can be divided into mechanical password lock and keyboard password lock in two parts

Boot the lock

IC card lock: Do not touch the other contact IC card lock. Contact lock card lock, card reader chip lock does not require non-contact non-contact, the card reader must be locked, the card can be together

Electromagnetic lock: The application of electromagnetic principle, hundreds of kilometers of electromagnetic force, locked state, ordinary people can not open. Deadly point is that the power can not be shut down, usually used in the manned access door, used to support the door with a mechanical lock

Creature lock

With the development of biometrics, fingerprinting, palm lock, retinal recognition and the like are performed

The current smart lock password lock, guide lock, biological lock these three categories. As the product matures, smart rock in the near future will gradually enter many ordinary people, certainly in the era of intelligent swing began!